Introducing new 5-pack slices from Great Temptations

We are delighted to announce we have just launched our latest sweet treat - 5 packs of delicious SLICES!

The best part? They come in three delicious varieties: Brownie, Muesli and Caramel Slices.

Each pack comes with 5, individually packaged slices, making them the perfect lunchbox addition or a great snack on-the-go. 

The Muesli Slice is made with delicious oats, apricots, sultanas, coconut and sunflower seeds. They are baked to perfection and are perfect with morning tea.

The Brownie Slice is a rich, decadent chocolate delight, baked with chocolate chunks and finished with streaks of dark chocolate. These are just perfect for your afternoon sugar rush!

The Caramel Slice is made with a rich layer of caramel on top of a shortbread base and topped with a layer of luscious dark chocolate. When the kids are asleep, we indulge with one of these in front of our favourite Netflix show!

The Muesli Slices and the Brownie Slices are available NOW via our online shop and at selected independent supermarkets. Find your local store here.