Free weekly meal planner from Go Bites

Want to try and avoid the empty-fridge-what's-for-dinner stress? Then it's time to get organised. A meal planner is a great way to work out what you're going to eat for the next week, what you need to buy and to avoid wasting excess food.

Not only does it make shopping easier, but it also makes lunches and dinners so much easier. You already know what you're going to make and that you have everything you need ready to go.

Use the planner to identify busy days. If you have a long meeting or are going to the gym after work, why not plan in a slow-cooker recipe for that night so you can bung it all in the croc pot as you leave for work. 

Also, add a couple of batch recipes into the planner like a chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognese. Make a double batch and freeze a portion for later in the week. This is a cost-effective and time-saving way to cook, plus we think those dishes taste even better once they've been frozen and reheated! Mix it up by serving with a different side - ie rice one night and in wraps or with salad the nex

Spending 30 minutes getting organised at the end of the week can save you so much time the following week. Stress levels are lower and everyone is happier!

Download our free meal planner here!

Meal Planner