All Great Temptations products will be available online

We are happy to announce that we have added ALL Great Temptation products to our online shops. We want you to know we really care about our customers so we have made it easier for you to get all your favourite treats online. Yes – this includes our fairy cakes and muffnutz! We have also added extra measures to ensure the safety of our staff – taking all precautions necessary!

We ask for your patience during these times as we adjust to serving you through our website. This is very new for us! We are willing to take this chance in order to provide you with the treats you know and love.

We also wanted to let you know, not all our treats may fare well during their journey to your home. Because our products are made with lots of chocolate, icing and sprinkles, there is a high chance the items may melt a bit or lose some sprinkles. We know they will still taste delicious! 

And for those of your asking, yes our products can be frozen! They will defrost just fine and taste just as delicious! With our chocolate items, there may be some slight discolouration once it has been defrosted but this is perfectly normal and just as yummy! We hope you will continue to support us and other local businesses during these difficult times. We thank you so much for your support!

Your friends at Great Temptations